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Sat- (instrumental) BG
STR blues (BG)
I'm an engineer
With the stress in the chest,
I manage STR
From nine to five.
But the white dragon said to me,
After going into the door of subconsciousness,
That count Diffuser hammered a nail in the wall,
And I'm only the echo of a nail...
Said and gone away,
After closing the door.
How well,
That the dragon this is a myth;
But the one who turned up after,
Was quite not like something,
His biorhythm didn't climb into the algorithm,
He ate my kitchen knife;
I said, "Listen,
Me tomorrow to the service,
And you prevent me to sleep",
And he answered to me:
Do you hear, like the wind
Is dancing with Rouldr Paa?

Like this my stress
Didn't can tolerate.
And I decided the door of subconsciousness
To close under lock.
But the door doesn't want to be closed, 
I'm struggling, and in the end,
I break against the corner my, obtained in the throes,
Plastic face…
Where to go engineer,
In the century of STR,
With natural face?

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